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Luna cat is bad ass

Luna is a bit territorial, I’ve discovered. Sam, the tuxedo cat next door, thought he’d hop over the fence to play with her. Why not? [...]


We — that is, I — have a new kitty!

Luna, June 2013


And another one bites…

My leg, and then the dust. Stumpy bit my leg for no reason other than he was cranky from being woken up, and my leg [...]

Tutone was a friend of mine

Tutone, taken July 24, 2008
? – June 18, 2012

Back in 2008, I’d see this cute little cat hanging around in the backyard. We [...]

They call her Tutone

They call her Tutone, Tutone,
’Cause she’s a good cat,
And she’s a bad cat,
They call her Tutone!