Tutone, July 24, 2008

Tutone -- July 24, 2008

Tutone has been hanging around since 2007. She wouldn’t let us get near her, but she’d wait for us to go inside and then come to the patio to eat from the neighborhood kitty buffet.

Lately Sydney had been noticing that Tutone was looking at us in a way that Sydney thought was too friendly, so she’d sit outside to guard the food dish.

It didn’t seem right to bring in that new cat Stumpy when she’d been here a lot longer, so we got a cat trap and baited it one night. Oops. The first cat belonged to the neighbor. The second cat was the one we wanted.

What a love bunny! If I’d known how tame Tutone would be . . . She loves to wrap around our legs, and she has the softest fur, just like a rabbit.