A little bit late, but here’s my list of books read in 2015.

There are a few titles that stand out months after reading them: The Tower’s Alchemist, Date Night on Union Station, Iron Magic, The Sound of Footsteps, Earthrise, and Just One Damned Thing After Another, but most of these books were good enough to keep my interest until I finished them.

I really, really wish I had more time to read.

  1. Barrus: Discovering Aberration
  2. Bellet: Justice Calling
  3. Benson: The Incident at Fives Castle
  4. Bridgeland: Iron Magic
  5. Buroker: Balanced on the Blade’s Edge
  6. Buroker: Blood Charged
  7. Buroker: Deathmaker
  8. Burroughs: This Crumbling Pageant
  9. Butcher: A Death Displaced
  10. Durgin: A Feral Darkness
  11. Escobar: The Tower’s Alchemist
  12. Farrell: Soul
  13. Foner: Date Night on Union Station
  14. Fox: The Iron Sword
  15. Greenwood: Cocaine Blues
  16. Hogarth: Earthrise
  17. Kalquist: Legacy Code
  18. Kashina: Mistress of the Solstice
  19. Kiernan-Lewis: Murder in the South of France
  20. Kimbriel: Kindred Rites
  21. King: The Inquiry Agent
  22. Leckie: Ancillary Justice
  23. Lee: Any Witch Way You Can
  24. Leigh: Lady at Arms
  25. Massey: The Salaryman’s Wife
  26. McCarron: Division of the Marked
  27. McCoy: Crucible
  28. Morganfield: The Bone Flower Throne
  29. Nilson: Karda
  30. Patterson: The Sound of Footsteps
  31. Perkins: The Universal Mirror
  32. Reid: Broken Promises
  33. Reid: Bumpy Roads
  34. Reid: Buried Innocence
  35. Reid: Darkness Exposed
  36. Reid: Final Call
  37. Reid: Good Tidings
  38. Reid: Loose Ends
  39. Reid: Natural Reaction
  40. Reid: Never Forgotten
  41. Reid: Secret Hollows
  42. Reid: Stolen Dreams
  43. Reid: Treasured Legacies
  44. Reid: Twisted Paths
  45. Reid: Veiled Passages
  46. Ross: The Fire Mages
  47. Ross: The Mages of Bennamore
  48. Ross: The Plains of Kallanash
  49. Russell: Aurian and Jin
  50. Rydill: Children of the Shaman (reread)
  51. Rydill: Malarat
  52. Rydill: The Glass Mountain
  53. Scott & Graham: Silver Bullet
  54. Scott & Graham: Steel Blue
  55. Soriano: Blood Brothers
  56. Stalbaum: The Last Goddess
  57. Talbott: Marblestone Mansion
  58. Taylor: Just One Damned Thing After Another
  59. Wright: Pursuit and Persuasion