The tipping point for me has been reached. Every book I read for pleasure this year was an ebook. I think I visited the library one time, and that was for a meeting.

It feels like the quality of books I’ve been finding is better now, too. And here’s the list, in alpha order by author’s last name.

  1. Amesbury: The Guests of Honor
  2. Bayliss: Destruction
  3. Benson: The Murder at Sissingham Hall
  4. Benson: The Mystery at Underwood House
  5. Benson: The Riddle at Gipsy’s Mile
  6. Benson: The Treasure at Poldarrow Point
  7. Berrie: Transgressions
  8. Bowker: Dover Beach
  9. Bunn: The Hawk and His Boy
  10. Bunn: The Shadow at the Gate
  11. Bunn: The Wicked Day
  12. Chase: Firehearted
  13. Chase: Queen of Chaos
  14. Chase: Raven’s Children
  15. Chase: The Last Mage Guardian
  16. Chase: The Long Way Home
  17. Chase: The Scent of Metal
  18. Contreras: Shadowbound
  19. Daems & Tomlin: The Gypsy Ryana
  20. Daems & Tomlin: The Shadow Ryana
  21. Danley: A Spirited Manor
  22. Durgin: Dun Lady’s Jess
  23. Durgin: Touched by Magic
  24. Durgin: Wolverine’s Daughter
  25. Gockel: I Bring the Fire 1
  26. Hathaway: Murder Offstage
  27. Hobb: Blood of Dragons
  28. Hogan: A Crucible of Souls
  29. Holder: White Blood
  30. Höst: And All the Stars
  31. Höst: Hunting (actually 2013)
  32. Houghton: The Captain’s Door
  33. Jameson: Blue Murder
  34. Jameson: Ice Blue
  35. Jameson: Something Blue
  36. Jansen: Watcher’s Web
  37. Kennedy: The Mark of the Tala
  38. Larke: Gilfeather
  39. Larke: The Aware
  40. Larke: The Tainted
  41. Law: Beasts of the Walking City
  42. Lee: Gates of Thread and Stone
  43. Lewis: The Kaiser Affair
  44. Lindquist & Christensen: In the House of Five Dragons
  45. Lionsdrake: Mercenary Instinct
  46. Lister: The Big Goodbye
  47. McClung: The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids
  48. McCoy: All That Glitters
  49. McCoy: Herb-Wife
  50. McCoy: Herb-Witch
  51. McCoy: Queen of Roses
  52. Milne: The Red House Mystery
  53. Miranda: The Machine God
  54. Nagata: The Bohr Maker
  55. Neumeier: The Griffin Mage Trilogy (Lord of the Changing Winds, Land of the Burning Sands, Law of the Broken Earth)
  56. Pandian: Artifact
  57. Pauli: Unlikely
  58. Priest: Scion of the Wood
  59. Priest: Southwind Knights
  60. Priest: The Queen of Grass and Tree
  61. Quinn: Third Daughter
  62. Raby: The Fire Seer
  63. Razevich: Khe
  64. Reher: Only Human
  65. Reher: Quantum Tangle
  66. Reher: Rebel Alliances
  67. Revellian: Replica
  68. Rust: Rat Paths
  69. Ryan: Murder in a Mill Town
  70. Ryan: Still Life with Murder
  71. Scott & Graham: Lost Things
  72. Smith: Lhind the Thief
  73. Speer: The Chocolatier’s Wife
  74. Stewart: Treespeaker
  75. Swanson: Saving Mars
  76. Tate: Jump Cut
  77. Tuttle: All the Paths of Shadow
  78. Uhl: Necropolis
  79. Umstead: Gabriel’s Redemption
  80. Wright: Breeding Ground