I read 108 novels this year, the same as last year. About 37 were freebies, given away to promote the author. Another 25 or so books are ones I bought after reading a freebie or being intrigued by the book description. I haven’t started on the paperbacks I got on my last run to the used-book stores.

My visits to the library are way down. I used to go at least every couple of weeks. Now it’s about four times a year.

  1. Abraham: A Betrayal in Winter
  2. Abraham: An Autumn War
  3. Abraham: The Price of Spring
  4. Bass: Flesh and Bone
  5. Brandon: The Wanderers
  6. Buroker: Decrypted
  7. Buroker: Forged in Blood I
  8. Buroker: Forged in Blood II
  9. Buroker: Torrent
  10. Buxton: The Sixth Discipline
  11. Casey: The Changelings
  12. Chambers: Breathless
  13. Chute: Stone and Silt
  14. Colt: Concealed Power
  15. Dwiggins: Volcano Watch
  16. Elliott: Cold Fire
  17. Eyrie & Sloan: Pet Sitter
  18. Friedman: Feast of Souls
  19. Friedman: Wings of Wrath
  20. Friedman: Legacy of Kings
  21. Gaiman: Neverwhere
  22. Gavin: The Darkening Dream
  23. Greenwood: Magic of Thieves
  24. Hammett: The Thin Man
  25. Hathaway: Slide
  26. Hines: Libriomancer
  27. Hocking: Deja Vu
  28. Hoffman: Troubadour
  29. Höst: Stray (Touchstone #1)
  30. Höst: Lab Rat One (Touchstone #2)
  31. Höst: Caszandra (Touchstone #3)
  32. Höst: Champion of the Rose
  33. Höst: Bones of the Fair
  34. Höst: The Silence of Medair
  35. Höst: Voice of the Lost
  36. Höst: Stained Glass Monsters
  37. Howey: Wool
  38. Huston: The Main Line Is Murder
  39. Jansen: Fire & Ice
  40. Jansen: Dust & Rain
  41. Jansen: Blood & Tears
  42. Johnson: The Madness Underneath
  43. Katson: Shadowborn
  44. Katson: Shadowforged
  45. Katson: Shadow’s End
  46. Kelso: The Red Country
  47. Keyes: The Charnel Prince
  48. Keyes: The Blood Knight
  49. Keyes: The Born Queen
  50. Khanani: Thorn
  51. Kimelman: Death in the Dark
  52. King: Garment of Shadows
  53. Knox: Dreamquake
  54. Konrath: Shot of Tequila
  55. Lackey: Bardic Voices: Lark and Wren
  56. Lalonde: Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins
  57. Le Guin: The Lathe of Heaven
  58. Lescroart: The Second Chair
  59. Locke: Bloody Lessons
  60. Lowell: Quarter Share
  61. Lynch: The Lies of Locke Lamora
  62. Mahan: A Touch of Magic
  63. Marks: Death Ain’t But a Word
  64. May: The Kinshield Legacy
  65. McKillip: Solstice Wood
  66. McNally: The Sable City
  67. Michelle: Brightest Kind of Darkness
  68. Mills: Nolander
  69. Moon: Limits of Power
  70. Moone: Hyperlink from Hell
  71. Moriarty: Ghost Spin
  72. Myers: No Game for a Dame
  73. Myers: Tough Cookie
  74. Myers: Don’t Dare a Dame
  75. Myers: The Whiskey Tide
  76. Nazarian: Cobweb Bride
  77. Nazarian: Cobweb Empire
  78. Neal: Blood Orchids
  79. Oppel: Airborn
  80. Parkinson: Sentence of Marriage
  81. Payton: The Constantine Affliction
  82. Porter: A Girl and Her Monster
  83. Reher: The Catalyst
  84. Reid: The Sundered
  85. Rhea: Novum
  86. Rigel: Space Junque
  87. Rinehart: Where There’s a Will
  88. Robertson: Outcome
  89. Ryan: The Gauguin Connection
  90. Sayres: Anahita’s Woven Riddle
  91. Shultz: Angel on the Ropes
  92. Spangler: Gray Skies
  93. Spencer: Endless Blue
  94. Sperring: The Grass King’s Concubine
  95. Stabenow: A Taint in the Blood
  96. Stalbaum: The Spider and the Fly
  97. Stanley: The Silver Bowl
  98. Swartwood: No Shelter
  99. Taber: Necessary Ill
  100. Valentine: Mechanique
  101. Vande Velde: Stolen
  102. Vaughn: After the Golden Age
  103. Wentworth: Black on Black
  104. Wentworth: Space Over Space
  105. Wilson: When Women Were Warriors, Book 1
  106. Woodbury: The Bard’s Daughter
  107. Wrede: Daughter of Witches
  108. Wright: Pay Me, Bug!