The number of books I’ve read over the past year has increased quite a bit. Most of these books come from the public library or were free downloads. The quality of the free books is variable. Many, perhaps most, I discard after reading a few pages–and this is after previewing the books before I download. Poor copyediting or subject matter that I’m just not interested in can be determined pretty quickly, but other factors–an irritating or sophomoric or mean-spirited protagonist, a plot twisted out of believability to provide romance elements, plodding stretches of narrative–take awhile for me to catch.

In alpha order by author last name:

  1. Abraham: The Dragon’s Path
  2. Anders: Gypsy Moon
  3. Beckett: The House on Durrow Street
  4. Beckett: The Master of Heathcrest Hall
  5. Bell: The Goblin War
  6. Black: Red Glove
  7. Bledsoe: The Hum and the Shiver
  8. Bledsoe: The Sword-Edged Blonde
  9. Bracken: Brightly Woven
  10. Brackett: Black Amazon of Mars
  11. Brackett: The Big Jump
  12. Brandon: The Ruined City
  13. Brandon: The Traitor’s Daughter
  14. Britain: Blackveil
  15. Bujold: Cryoburn
  16. Buroker: Blood and Betrayal
  17. Buroker: Conspiracy
  18. Buroker: Dark Currents
  19. Buroker: Deadly Games
  20. Buroker: Encrypted
  21. Buroker: The Emperor’s Edge
  22. Carson: The Girl of Fire and Thorns
  23. Cashore: Fire
  24. Cervantes: Tortilla Sun
  25. Chane: Magebane
  26. Collins: Catching Fire
  27. Collins: Mockingjay
  28. Dulle: Death Is Clowning Around
  29. DuPrau: The City of Ember
  30. Edghill: The Warslayer
  31. Ehrman: At Risk
  32. Fisher: Darkhenge
  33. Fisher: Incarceron
  34. Fisher: Sapphique
  35. Fisher: The Dark City
  36. Fisher: The Hidden Coronet
  37. Fisher: The Lost Heiress
  38. Fisher: The Margrave
  39. Forster: Hostile Witness
  40. Galligan: The Nail Knot
  41. Ghahremani: Sky of Red Poppies
  42. Gilman: The Ice Owl
  43. Hamilton: In the Forests of the Night
  44. Hamilton: Tyger Tyger
  45. Hardin: Crosscut
  46. Hardinge: The Lost Conspiracy
  47. Hart: Dare to Die
  48. Hobb: City of Dragons
  49. Hobson: The Native Star
  50. Hornung: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  51. Hunt: The Rise of the Iron Moon
  52. Jama-Everett: The Liminal People
  53. Jemisin: The Killing Moon
  54. Johnson: The Name of the Star
  55. Jones & Bennett: Dragon Soul
  56. Jones: The Desert of Souls
  57. Kimelman: Unleashed
  58. Kittredge: The Iron Thorn
  59. Kling: Circle of Bones
  60. LaFevers: Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
  61. Larke: Stormlord’s Exile
  62. Larke: Stormlord Rising
  63. Lee & Miller: Ghost Ship
  64. Locke: Maids of Misfortune
  65. Locke: Uneasy Spirits
  66. Logue: Blood Country
  67. Lyons: Snake Skin
  68. MacBride: Cold Granite
  69. MacKenzie: The Vanity Girl
  70. Mafi: Shatter Me
  71. Marks: Water Logic
  72. McCaffrey: The Dragonriders of Pern (Dragonflight; Dragonquest; The White Dragon)
  73. McDermid: The Retribution
  74. McKillip: The Bards of Bone Plain
  75. McOmber: The White Forest
  76. Mieville: Embassytown
  77. Moon: Dragon Badge
  78. Moon: Echoes of Betrayal
  79. Moon: Kings of the North
  80. Moon: Oath of Fealty
  81. Ness: The Knife of Never Letting Go
  82. Neumeier: The Floating Islands
  83. Nix: Shade’s Children
  84. Novik: Crucible of Gold
  85. Oswald: Natural Causes
  86. Parker: Devices and Desires
  87. Patrone: Death Is a Relative Thing
  88. Peterfreund: Rampant
  89. Pierce: Mastiff
  90. Pierce: Terrier
  91. Pierce: Trickster’s Choice
  92. Pierce: Trickster’s Queen
  93. Priest: Fathom
  94. Richardson: Labyrinth
  95. Rusch: Alien Influences
  96. Rusch: City of Ruins
  97. Rusch: Diving into the Wreck
  98. Schafer: The Whitefire Crossing
  99. Shure: The Baba Yaga
  100. Siger: Murder in Mykonos
  101. Simon: Mew for Murder
  102. Tepper: The Waters Rising
  103. Urban: A Single Deadly Truth
  104. Vande Velde: Heir Apparent
  105. Walton: Among Others
  106. Wells: The Cloud Roads
  107. Wells: The Serpent Sea
  108. Wrede: The Thirteenth Child