Fiction and memoirs only, in alpha order by author last name.

1. Allison, Dorothy: Cavedweller
2. Ballantyne, Tony: Recursion
3. Bishop, Toby: Airs Beneath the Moon
4. Boyle: A Friend of the Earth
5. Brennan: Doppelganger
6. Bronte: Villette
7. Brown, Simon: Empire’s Daughter
8. Cook, Dawn: The Decoy Princess
9. Crispin, A.C.: Storms of Destiny
10. Croggon: The Naming
11. Croggon: The Riddle
12. Cross, Janine: Touched by Venom
13. Delaney: Nova
14. Duchamp: Alanya to Alanya
15. Edgerton, Teresa: The Queen’s Necklace
16. Elliott: Jaran
17. Elliott: Spirit Gate
18. Griffith: Ammonite
19. Hambly, Barbara: The Silicon Mage
20. Hemingway, Amanda: The Greenstone Grail
21. Hemingway, Amanda: The Sword of Straw
22. Hobb, Robin: Forest Mage
23. Hopkinson: The New Moon’s Arms
24. Howard, Madeline: The Hidden Stars
25. Hurston: Dust Tracks on a Road
26. Kerr: Snare
27. Kinnan: The Yearling
28. Kritzer, Naomi: Freedom’s Sisters
29. Kushner, Ellen: Thomas the Rhymer
30. Le Guin: Tehanu
31. Lee & Miller: Crystal Soldier
32. Lem, Stanislaw: His Master’s Voice
33. Lynn: Dragon’s Treasure
34. Malan, Violette: The Mirror Prince
35. Martin, George R.R.: A Feast for Crows
36. McMahon: Dance of Knives
37. McMaster Bujold: Sharing Knife, Beguilement
38. Miller, Karen: Innocent Mage
39. Miller, Steve: Balance of Trade
40. Moon, Elizabeth: Against the Odds
41. Moon, Elizabeth: Change of Command
42. Moon, Elizabeth: Command Decision
43. Moon, Elizabeth: Engaging the Enemy
44. Moon, Elizabeth: Marque and Reprisal
45. Moon, Elizabeth: Trading in Danger
46. Moon: Winning Colors
47. Moriarty, Chris: Spin Control
48. Moriarty: Spin State
49. Nagata, Linda: Limit of Vision
50. Okora-Mbachu: Zahrah the Windseeker
51. Ore, Rebecca: Gaia’s Toys
52. Palwick, Susan: The Necessary Beggar
53. Park: A Princess of Roumania
54. Pratchett: A Hat Full of Sky
55. Renault: The Bull from the Sea
56. Resnick, Laura: In Legend Born
57. Robinson: Fifty Degrees Below
58. Rusch, Kristene Kathryn: Extremes
59. Rusch, Kristine Kathryn: Paloma
60. Rydill, Jessica: Children of the Shaman
61. Scott, Melissa: Trouble and Her Friends
62. Shelley: Frankenstein
63. Stroud: Amulet of Samarkand
64. Swanwick, Michael: The Iron Dragon’s Daughter
65. Tepper, Sheri S.: The Companions
66. Tuttle, Lisa: The Pillow Friend
67. Vaughn: Kitty and the Midnight Hour
68. Whitfield, Kit: Benighted
69. Wilkins: Giants of the Frost
70. Wilson: Spin
71. Wynne Jones, Diana: Hexwood
72. Young, Janine Ellen: The Bridge
73. Zimmer Bradley: The Shattered Chain