Fifty books in a year? Bah. Of course, my kids are grown up, my yard’s a mess, and I have no social life.

Here’s a list of the books I read last year, excluding nonfiction and short stories.

1. Anderson: The Broken Sword
2. Anderson: Three Hearts and Three Lions
3. Baker: The Anvil of the World
4. Beagle: The Last Unicorn
5. Bear: Songs of Earth and Power
6. Bear: Darwin’s Radio
7. Berg: Transformation
8. Berg: Revelation
9. Berg: Restoration
10. Berg: Son of Avonar

11. Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451
12. Bray: Devlin’s Luck
13. Briggs: The Hob’s Bargain
14. Brooks: The Sword of Shannara
15. Brust and Bull: Freedom and Necessity
16. Butcher: Fool Moon
17. Carey: Banewreaker
18. Carmody: Obernewtyn
19. Carter: Heros and Villains
20. Carter: The Fortunate Fall
21. Coe: Rules of Ascension
22. Cook: The Tower of Fear
23. Cutter: Paper Mage
24. Dick: A Scanner Darkly
25. Dunkel: The Hollow Kingdom
26. Edgerton: Child of Saturn
27. Elliott: King’s Dragon
28. Fallon: The Lion of Sennet
29. Faulkner: As I Lay Dying
30. Ford: The Last Hot Time
31. Gaiman: Stardust
32. Gilligan: The Silken Shroud
33. Gilman: Staying Dead
34. Glass: Daughter of Exile
35. Haden Elgin: Native Tongue
36. Haden Elgin: The Ozark Trilogy
37. Hambly: Fever Season
38. Hambly: Bride of the Rat God
39. Hendee: Dhampir
40. Hetley: The Summer Country
41. Hobb: Royal Assassin
42. Holdstock: Mythago Wood
43. Hurston: Their Eyes Were Watching God
44. Karr: Frost Flower and Thorn
45. Keyes: The Briar King
46. Kirstein: The Steerswoman’s Road
47. Kirstein: The Lost Steersman
48. Kirstein: The Language of Power
49. Klasky: Season of Sacrifice
50. Kritzer: Turning the Storm
51. Kushner: Swordspoint
52. Le Guin: A Wizard of Earthsea
53. Le Guin: The Tombs of Atuan
54. Le Guin: The Word for World is Forest
55. Lisle: Vincalis the Agitator
56. Marks: Fire Logic
57. Marks: The Moonbane Mage
58. Marley: The Maquisarde
59. Martin: Dying of the Light
60. McGarry: Illumination
61. McHugh: China Mountain Zhang
62. McHugh: Mission Child
63. McIntyre: The Moon and the Sun
64. McKee Charnas: The Furies
65. McKee Charnas: The Conqueror’s Child
66. McKillip: Riddle of Stars (Riddle-Master of Hed trilogy)
67. McKillip: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
68. McKinley: Rose Daughter
69. McMaster Bujold: The Hallowed Hunt
70. Micklem: Firethorn
71. Mieville: The Scar
72. Morrison: Song of Solomon
73. Mosley: Devil in a Blue Dress
74. Nix: Sabriel
75. Piercy: He, She, and It
76. Pratchett: Equal Rites
77. Pratchett: Lords and Ladies
78. Pratchett: Night Watch
79. Pratchett: The Fifth Element
80. Rasmussen: The Labyrinth Gate
81. Roberson: Sword Dancer
82. Robinson: Forty Signs of Rain
83. Salmonson: The Swordswoman
84. Scott: Dreaming Metal
85. Shetterly: Chimera
86. Spencer: Tainted Trail
87. Starhawk: The Fifth Sacred Thing
88. Stewart: Earth Abides
89. Stross: Singularity Sky
90. Sturgeon: Venus Plus X
91. Traviss: City of Pearl
92. Traviss: Crossing the Line
93. Van Vogt: Slan
94. Vance: Lyonesse
95. Vance: Madouc
96. Wade Wellman: The Hanging Stones
97. Wells: Death of the Necromancer
98. Wells: The Wizard Hunters
99. Welty: The Optimist’s Daughter
100. West: Hunter’s Oath
101. Wilhelm: The Dark Door
102. Wrede and Stevermer: Sorcery and Cecelia
103. Wrede: Snow White and Red Rose
104. Wrede: The Raven Ring
105. Wright: Native Son
106. Wynne Jones: A Sudden Wild Magic
107. Wynne Jones: Fire and Hemlock
108. Wynne Jones: Howl’s Moving Castle
109. Yolen: The Books of Great Alta