I bought this chair in a Goodwill thrift shop circa 1979. It was covered in nubby pink fabric woven with metallic silver threads. The fabric was worn so thin in places that the white stuffing showed. I made a temporary cover out of some lovely fake leopard fur, and it matched our decor quite well while the children were in their feral stage. Later I had the chair recovered, as shown in the photo. But since the children moved out the chair has been sitting in an out-of-the-way corner of the living room, forlorn and forgotten.

It needs a new home, I thought, with someone who will treat it better than I have. Surprise — my daughter needed furniture to fill out her new apartment. A new home! Alas, not even a week and the chair was again crowded out by a couch. Here you see it relegated to temporary seating where visitors can remove their shoes. Sad, sad chair.

The pink chair

And those are my stylish shoes on the floor in front of the Pink Chair.