A few weeks ago Dear Abby ran a letter about a boy who had a severe allergic reaction after eating pancakes made from moldy mix.

We have lots of old boxes of muffin mix and pancake mix. Those boxes have been sitting in the cupboard since the kids moved out — oh, about six years now.

I haven’t baked much since that time weevils infested the Bisquick. (Not that I did much baking before, either.) The Bisquick lived in a clear plastic container, so I didn’t even have to open the box to see weevils lived there too. Ugh. Turns my stomach remembering how they crawled around inside that container. It looked like an ant farm, but less appetizing. I couldn’t stand to have that container back in the house even after the weevils were gone and the container scrubbed.

But… Muffins. I just had to have some muffins after reading about those pancakes.

The muffins tasted pretty good. No weevils, no mold.

I’ve been working on the rest of the mix boxes since then. Haven’t found any toxic mold yet, but I’ll keep looking.