UPDATE 1/21/2024 I am considering running for the board again. There will be four open seats. I will only run if we can build a coalition of strong candidates who understand the situation we’re in, how we got to this point, and what we need to do to pull ourselves out of this mess.

UPDATE 11/2/2023 I am no longer on the board, and Kim Edwards has resigned.

UPDATE 8/13/2023 Darla has resigned from the board citing her workplace duties and other commitments which made it impossible for her to fulfill her Board responsibilities. Darla worked tirelessly while she was on the board, and the board and the association have lost a leading voice for improvement.

UPDATE 5/24/2023 The results are in! Darla and I are on the board! Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Election 2023 Goals

In the last few years, it feels like the Board of Directors has lost the vision of why people choose Woodside for their home. When you think of Woodside, you think of a serene, upscale professional community with mature trees and meticulously maintained landscaping and buildings. The reality is a little different, and Darla Hagge and Sandra Williams want to bring Woodside back to what it used to be.

With your support, we will advocate for these solutions:

  • Implement a long-term plan for building repairs and maintenance, as homeowners have requested for many years.
  • Process work orders fairly and timely, and keep homeowners informed about the status of their work orders.
  • Add lighting where needed for security purposes, install cameras at critical sites, and improve security oversight.
  • Communicate with homeowners via a variety of coordinated formats, including the newsletter, text messages, the website, and an opt-in email list.
  • Enable homeowners to join committees, obtain a contractor’s pass, and more via the website.
  • Examine the budget for waste and identify ways to reduce expenses, such as enforcing standard bidding procedures and eliminating the repetitive use of sole-source contracts.
  • Explore ways to add revenue.
  • Welcome and support volunteers in committees and other roles, and actively listen to your suggestions to improve the Woodside community.
  • Establish a strong code of ethics and require directors to disclose potential conflicts of interest. Board members have signed an ethics pledge.