Darla Haggee

My name is Darla Hagge, and I have been an owner/resident of a single Woodside unit since 2014. I am interested in serving on the Woodside Board for the purpose of addressing requisite care and maintenance to extend its storied history. My goal is to effect positive change for the continued good of our present and future community.

By academic training, and as a professor, I am a medical-based speech-language pathologist specializing in working with individuals and their loved ones who have experienced stroke, traumatic/non-traumatic brain injury, and progressive disorders.

Teaching millennials and Gen Zers provides me with the skills to listen and learn, while enhancing my abilities to address diverse interests and needs. Administratively, I apply interprofessional leadership experience within volunteer services, healthcare, and educational sectors. Managing programs also exercises my budgetary adeptness.

If elected to serve on the Board, I will:
(a) create long-term planning processes for structural and environmental maintenance,
(b) establish effective communication systems between residents, owners, BOD, and staff,
(c) implement budget procedures to ensure maximum utilization of financial resources including the reduction of expenses,
(d) execute an action plan to address security concerns,
(e) design a Woodside volunteer program to respond to the community’s needs.