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Mother’s Day 2014

Daughter Ivory and mother Sandra, May 2014

A solid milk chocolate base topped with a white chocolate rose painted with more chocolate. What more could [...]

Parade queens and sopas

Many years ago, when she was a fine young Catholic carnivore, my daughter was parade queen for the IDES Gloria Council No. 3. (She’s the [...]


There is a doom upon you, but of what sort I know not.

Completely unrelated: When my daughter was younger and I tried to share [...]

The pink chair

I bought this chair in a Goodwill thrift shop circa 1979. It was covered in nubby pink fabric woven with metallic silver threads. The fabric [...]

The new bike

A lovely bike, finely crafted by Steve Rex, with a Lynskey titanium frame. I hear it rides well. I haven’t been on it myself. [...]